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Norwood & BIC Graphic North America are pleased to announce a complete relaunch of their social media pages for 2011. Norwood’s existing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages have been refreshed according to the new look launched for the brand. BIC Graphic is entering the space for the first time with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages of its own. Both brands will also be represented in the updated Norwood & BIC Graphic North America Blog – a co-branded feed featuring news, helpful selling tools and tips, product and event ideas, and much more.

The blog can be accessed by visiting,, or It will also feed into both brand’s Facebook pages via an RSS tab. Each brand’s Facebook page will include a few custom features such as a Catalogs tab, where distributors can access updated 2011 iCatalogs, and videos. Norwood’s Facebook page features a Special Offers tab powered by Post Helpers. Distributors can also download Post Helpers as a Facebook app and then easily select and re-post Norwood’s promotions, digital catalogs and more to their own Facebook pages.

Research continues to support the growing trend of social networking and media as a viable marketing tactic. B2B companies are actually outpacing B2C organizations in social media usage and have found it very useful for lead generation and industry leadership purposes. The demographics of Facebook in particular are well-suited to the promotional products industry, appealing to working adults age 35-54. “By providing interesting and educational content, as well as promotions, we look forward to further developing a dialog with distributors and offering them a wealth of valuable information,” said Quenten Wentworth, VP & GM Norwood & BIC Graphic North America. BIC Advertising & Promotional Products: Established in July 2009, BIC Advertising & Promotional Products is a leading global supplier of a wide range of custom imprinted products to the advertising and promotional products industry.

In North America, BIC APP operates under the BIC Graphic and Norwood trade names. Norwood offers over 2,000 products and is a market leader in most of the industry’s major product categories. Norwood also offers hundreds of products on 24-Hour service at no extra charge. For more information, visit and BIC Graphic is the leading supplier of branded, high quality, innovative custom-imprinted writing instruments, stationery and lighters. BIC Graphic offers hundreds of products on Free 24-Hour service, PLUS it ships on time or its FREE! Visit BIC Graphic’s website at for more information.