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Direct Mail Printing and Marketing for Jason Reed @ The Duplex Doctors

Front side.
Realtor Jason Reed specializes in Northeast Minneapolis investment properties.  He is using Wayzata Printing by to design, print, and mail his direct mail pieces to prospects in the area.  Here is a sample of the piece we put together for him.

Jason supplied the photos, and we did a nice job on the graphic design and messaging.  You can also view Jason's blog at

When you are doing a direct mail piece, it is often times best to do a sequential mailing.  In other words, plan on mailing the same piece 3 times for maximum effectiveness.  The first time a prospect gets it, they might pitch it very quickly.  The second time, they might browse it.  The third time, the feel like they know the company that is offering the services or products.

Back side with address space.
If you need help with your direct mail marketing, call Wayzata Printing by at 952-473-5200.