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BIC Graphic USA Receives Karosy Path to Peace Award from Haven House

BIC Graphic USA is proud to announce that they were awarded the Karosy Path to Peace Award from Haven House, a local (Tampa-based) domestic violence shelter and outreach organization. Over the past year, BIC Graphic USA’s Charity Committee organized several different employee donation drives in order to provide financial and material support of the shelter including:
  • Nov-2009 donation of several Thanksgiving Day dinner packages for their shelter residents
  • 2009 / 2010 donation of $1,540 for them to purchase book shelves for their intermediate rehabilitation centers
  • Jul-2010 donation of 6 trucks full of clothing, children toys, infant necessities and other needed items.
  • Aug-2010 donation of back-to-school supplies for all children residing in the shelter

For the upcoming holidays, BIC Graphic will be donating more Thanksgiving Day dinner
packages for the shelter residents and organizing Christmas / Holiday gifts for the children and
parents who reside in The Haven shelter. BIC Graphic USA was awarded the Karosy Path to Peace Award at a luncheon hosted by The Haven on October 21, 2010. BIC Advertising & Promotional Products: Established in July 2009, BIC Advertising & Promotional Products is a leading global supplier of a wide range of custom imprinted products to the advertising and promotional products industry.

In the United States BIC APP operates under the BIC Graphic USA and Norwood Promotional Products trade names. Norwood Promotional Products is an industry leading supplier of imprinted promotional products. The company offers nearly 5,000 products and is a market leader in several of the industry’s major product categories. Norwood also offers hundreds of products on 24-Hour service at no extra charge.

Representing the best of:
  • Automotive, Tools & Flashlights
  • Awards, Recognition & Gifts
  • Bags, Meeting & Outdoor
  • Calendars, Planners & Diaries
  • Drinkware & Housewares
  • Golf, Sports & Fun
  • Health, Wellness & Safety
  • Office, Magnets & Badge Holders
  • Writing Instruments

For more information about Norwood Promotional Products visit the company’s websites at and BIC Graphic USA: A division of BIC USA Inc., established in 1969 under the name BIC Special Markets Division. BIC Graphic USA is a leading supplier of a wide variety of high quality, innovative custom-imprinted writing instruments and complementary products. Visit BIC Graphic’s USA website at for more information.