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BIC Graphic and Norwood Promotional Products Announce the Formation of BIC APP

BIC’s recent acquisition of Norwood in the US and Antalis Promotional Products in
Europe, combined with BIC Graphic organizations around the globe, make BIC APP one of the
largest and most trusted promotional products companies in the world. BIC Graphic and
Norwood will continue to operate as two separate business units with BIC Graphic managed by
Marc Rugi, President of BIC Graphic and Norwood managed by President, Paul Lage, MAS.

“Our customers can expect the highest level of service, quality and safety with BIC
APP,” said Paul Lage, President of Norwood. “Although we are one company, we will continue
to operate the brands separately as BIC Graphic and Norwood. Our programs and relationships
may be different, but our vision and values are the same.” The Norwood and BIC Graphic sales forces will remain separate as well in order to provide the highest level of coverage across the industry.

They will continue to be managed by Joe DeVault and Dave Saracino respectively.
“We will focus on developing the structures of our organizations with one thing in mind: to better serve and support our customers today and into the future,” added Marc Rugi, President of BIC Graphic. “As a company, we will develop technologies, products, and services with the highest standards and continue our commitment to sustainable development and preservation of the environment.”

About BIC Graphic USA:
BIC Graphic USA, a division of BIC USA Inc., is a leading, world-class supplier of custom-imprinted products for the promotional products industry. Visit BIC Graphic’s USA website at

About Norwood:
Norwood Promotional Products is an industry leading supplier of imprinted promotional products. The company offers nearly 5,000 products and is a market leader in several of the industry’s major product categories. Norwood also offers hundreds of products on 24-Hour service at no extra charge.

Representing the best of:
  • Automotive, Tools & Flashlights
  • Awards, Recognition & Gifts
  • Bags, Meeting & Outdoor
  • Calendars, Planners & Diaries
  • Drinkware & Housewares
  • Golf, Sports & Fun
  • Health, Wellness & Safety
  • Office, Magnets & Badge Holders
  • Writing Instruments

For more information about Norwood Promotional Products visit the company’s websites at and BIC Graphic USA: A division of BIC USA Inc., established in 1969 under the name BIC Special Markets Division. BIC Graphic USA is a leading supplier of a wide variety of high quality, innovative custom-imprinted writing instruments and complementary products. Visit BIC Graphic’s USA website at for more information.