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A Letter Regarding BIC's Commitment to Sustainable Development from Jack Teague, President, BIC

Dear Valued Customer:

Over the past few weeks, I have attended the ASI Show in Orlando, the PSI Show in Europe, and the PPAI Show in Las Vegas. I am pleased to report that all three shows were extremely busy and there is a high level of energy as we start the New Year.

As an overview, I was asked by an extensive list of distributors to provide leadership and guidance relating to three significant topics impacting our industry.

BIC's position on Product Safety – We are pleased to share that product safety has been a core "value" of our company for the past 60 years, and we have a dedicated legal and product safety team actively involved in qualifying all BIC products.

Linked for your review, is our position statement signed by a BIC product safety specialist. We recommend that you share this document with your sales organization and their customers. Industry reports have shown that over 42% of suppliers in this industry do not have a Product Safety Program, placing you and your business at risk. The value position of a distributor and distributor sales person is the business relationship that exists with your customer base. You can be confident that the promotional products you sell from BIC are of the highest quality.

BIC's position on Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility – Consistent with Product Safety, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility has also been a long standing core "value" within our Company. Our operating Code of Conduct supports the way in which we manage our business and it has been documented in the enclosed BIC Sustainable Development Program brochure.

BIC's position on sustainable products – For the past ten years, we have been reaching out to plastic suppliers to provide our company with recycled plastic materials that conform to our quality standards, can be produced on our manufacturing platform, and are available in quantity consistent with the volume requirements of our customers. In October of 2007, we had a technical breakthrough that allows us to introduce BIC Ecolutions, a collection of writing instruments and Sticky Notes incorporating recycled materials. The attached brochure proudly introduces this new program.

As a supplier, I traditionally ask our distributor nation about new opportunities to grow our mutual business. In today's global marketplace, the traditional sales presentation of product features and benefits remain in place along with the additional challenge of comprehensive Product Safety, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility programs and sustainable product offerings.

As a former sales representative of BIC, I explain this complex topic in a very simple way. When I look at my watch, I want to be able to see what time it is. I expect the watch to tell perfect time, the first time and every time. I do not need to know the technical aspects of the watch, such as the materials, the leather, and the movement mechanism. I need to have confidence in the supplier who manufactured the watch and that the watch shows perfect time.

On behalf of the BIC Graphic Team, I proudly and confidently ask you for your business, assuring you with confidence that BIC has made the investments and has the programs and processes in place to protect your value position.

Good luck and good selling in 2008!


Jack Teague
President, BIC® Group Graphic