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BIC Graphic USA Integrates Atchison Products

1. Where will Atchison ® by BIC™ products be produced?
Atchison ® by BIC™ products are imprinted at our facility in Atchison, Kansas.

2. How do I find my BIC sales representative?
Call 1-88-THINK-BIC and our customer service team will provide you with your sales representative’s name and contact information. Effective immediately, the BIC Graphic USA sales force will assume responsibility for the Atchison ® by BIC™ line.

3. What account number should I use?
Existing BIC Graphic customers should use their current account number. Atchison ® customers have been assigned new account numbers. Call 1-88-THINK-BIC to get your new account number if you have not ordered from BIC Graphic before.

4. Will there be any delay in processing my order?
No. Orders will continue to be processed within standard production times.

5. Have Atchison’s product item numbers changed?
Yes. The new item numbers are published in the 2008 BIC Graphic USA catalog and online at

6. Who and where do I contact to place an Atchison ® by BIC™ order?
You can conveniently send your order and artwork together by emailing us directly at Or feel free to dial our main number 1-88-THINK-BIC and choose the personal service option that best suits your needs. Our system will route you to the best individual to answer your question. You can also fax orders to 1-800-753-5690.

7. Is the old Atchison ® contact information still in service?
If you call the old number you will automatically be re-directed to the new number at BIC Graphic USA. If you go to the former Atchison website, you will automatically link to

8. What are the customer service hours?
Customer Service is available Monday-Friday, 8am to 11pm Eastern Standard Time.

9. What is the new mailing address for Atchison ® by BIC™ products?
The mailing address is P.O. Box 23088, Tampa, FL 33623-2088. The shipping address is 14421 Myerlake Circle, Clearwater, FL 33760.

10. I have a 24-Hour rush order. What phone number do I fax it to?

11. I would like Atchison ® by BIC™ samples and catalogs. What number do I fax my order to?

12. How will BIC integrate Atchison’s products into their current portfolio?
BIC Graphic has integrated all of Atchison’s products into its 2008 catalog, website and marketing initiatives including flyers, email campaigns and quarterly mailings.